We are a Malaysian compony which works on adopting ideas and developing projects in a variety of different fields, we provide our expertise and potentials to those who have great ideas in order for them to see the light.


Our mission is inferred in the company’s name; witch means the act of selflessness in every possible way.
Thus, the first thing that the company adopts is someone who has a great idea or content that has a huge benefit to other people while this person needs financial and technical support.
“Ethar” company will always seek to achieve it’s goal through the great brains and ideas of these marvelous inventors by adopting these ideas and supporting it financially and technically as will as making it a real object and applying it in the real world by sharing and not taking away their own ideas. This is our mission because we want to encourage every inventor with great ideas that thought the dream was only just a dream .



Let Ethar be the instruction the crafle that caters for every creation by opening a new chapter of change in technology and all life aspects that are of a high concern to others.

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